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Flowers & Gifts Savory Sensations Gift Basket

Savory Sensations Gift Basket

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Why is it a Great Gift ? : Gift baskets are excellent choices when you are not sure what to send. Packed with all kind of gourmet delights, they are ideal for most occasions. Tastefully decorated, they will be a gift your loved ones will cherish and r'ber for a long time.

Gift Description :

We designed this special collection to satisfy and indulge the food lover.

Imagine their surprise when a handsome woven basket arrives overflowing with Spiced Apple Cider Cookies, Key Lime Truffles, Godiva Milk Chocolate Gems, Lemon Raspberry Cookies, Cary's Toffee Fingers, Seattle Truffle Chocolate, Seattle Espresso Chocolate, Hot Pepper Cheese, Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn, Fresh Pistachios, Spicy Guadalajara Mix, and more.

Once emptied, the woven basket is ideal for home storage or decor. Measures 22 x 17 x 12.

Gift Details :