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Gifts Delivery to USA - Information and Policies

Gifts2America understands and acknowledges how important it is for your gift to be delivered on time. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that your gifts are delivered on the day selected. In rare instances, there may either be a slight delay or your gift may be delivered sooner than the scheduled date. All gifts are procured and shipped from within the United States.

Important: Orders are processed and delivery scheduled on receipt of payment. Any delay's may lead to a subsequent delay in delivery date.

Delivery Charges: Delivery charges are listed on the product page and vary by gift and date selected.

Who Delivers & How: Most gifts are delivered by FedEx, UPS, DHL, United States Postal Service (USPS) or a similar courier service. Flowers are usually personally delivered by florist in the recipient's city.

Delivery Time: None of the courier services in the US currently facilitate scheduling delivery at a specific time of the day. Most gifts are delivered during regular business hours, usually from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time. We regret our inability to fulfill any requests in this regard.

After your Gift is Shipped: On shipment of your gift your order status will be updated from Payment Received to Shipped. A tracking number will be provided by Email to you, using which you can check the status on one of the below web sites.

United States Postal Service (USPS)
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Federal Express (FedEx)

Refund Policy: We will refund delivery charges, if your gift is delivered more than one week later than the scheduled date. No refund is due in instances where the address provided was incomplete or incorrect, or when we have informed you of a delay before your gift is shipped.

Recipient unavailable for delivery:

If the recipient is unavailable or if no one is home when your gift is being delivered - UPS, FedEx and most other courier services will do one of the three things below:

1. If a prior release is available with them, they will leave the package at a safe location. Determination of what is a safe location is up to the delivery driver, and often the package can be left at the front door itself. In other cases the package may also be left with the apartment manager or leasing office
2. Gifts sent to a business (place of work), college and other institutions are usually made to a central location / receiving desk from where they are forwarded internally to the recipient.
3. For gifts that require a signature or cannot be left elsewhere, UPS / FedEx will re-attempt delivery the next business day. A total of 3 delivery attempts will be made before the gift is returned to the shipper. Additional information can be found at the link below:
FedEx: (see Tracking)

US Postal Service Deliveries: Most deliveries made by US Postal Service are to the recipient’s postal mail box except when a signature is required or when the package is too big to fit in the mailbox. If no one is home, USPS will leave a notice requesting the recipient to collect the package from the nearest post office.